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Nathan Crothers is an artist.

Artist Statement

A set up. A punch line. A stranger.

Crass aesthetics. A coffee cup. Another coffee cup.

Strong Language and adult humour.

Activities, which may exceed the boundaries of common sense.

Repetitious, repetitive, and repeating.

Meaninglessness-ness, A flat circle. Have fun.

Some text, not much reading, spelling things wrong.


but I digress. The Absurd,

Sardonic wit. Ha. I was only joking.

Ideas of authorship and copyright.

The constructed-ness of reality, creative geography. popular culture.

Conceptual or non-existent, expressions of the capitalist system and its media culture

turned against itself, Merchandise. Value. Farce. Long pause… PowerPoint is boring.

These are all important elements of my art practice and feature prominently in my artist statement.

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