Curfew Tower.

The basis of my work for the Curfew Tower is a direct response to the act of being taught how to play and gamble on the local card game ‘fourty-five’ over an evenings worth of drinks, I made the decision to create work that would reproduce this sense of community.
The resulting work from my time in Cushendall took two forms, the first being a set of 52 ‘packs’ containing; one unique playing card, a number of matchsticks (for gambling), the rules to the game of ‘fourty-five’, and directions to the pub where I was first taught the game. These were left in the Curfew Tower for future residency artists to take and hopefully engage with the welcoming people of Cushendall as I first did.
The second piece of work made was specifically for the open day in August where the people of Cushendall are invited into the Tower to vote for their favourite piece of work from the past years residents. For this I made my own Curfew Tower playing cards and tried to use these to build a card tower that would resemble the Curfew Tower itself. The task of building the playing card tower allowed me to engage and invite audience members to take part, with the work being more about the social interaction rather than the task of building the card tower.

2021-05-17 17.58.15.jpg